About Us

Howtobecomeaphotographer.org was created in 2011 by Madeline Barbour. The reason behind creating this website was the fact that there was not a location where consolidated data about the various options in photography education could be found out on the internet. After spending an insane amount of time attempting to get some proper information, I decided to make a website that could help aspiring candidates to get a better idea about the photography courses available. Once one decides upon the course, this site will serve in guiding them to the correct college or university for him.

There are several photography education institutes and programs available for interested students. This website provides the data for students who are looking for appropriate courses to pursue and the names of institutes that offer those courses. Initially, this started as an exercise to collect a listed data comprising of the names of courses and colleges, but gradually, this came out as a directional website intended at guiding students.

The updating of this website is pretty frequent. But still, there may be data here that does not completely depict the current scenario. Hence, in the event that our visitors come across some visible discrepancies, we would highly appreciate a notification email from them. Once we receive such a mail, we shall promptly update the information on our website that would in turn benefit the entire student community, especially those who are looking for information on photography courses available using the various sources of information on the internet the way we did.

We can be reached at: info@howtobecomeaphotographer.org