Available Financial Aid for Photography Students

One of the great things about being a photographer is that you don’t need any formal training to get started. That said, what really separates the amateurs from the professionals, in many cases, is education. In college, you’ll learn not only artistic skills, but also other important business skills, which can be great for photographers who want to open their own businesses. The main reason most photographers don’t pursue a degree on photography is cost – college can certainly be expensive! But did you know that financial aid can make it very inexpensive to go to school? Let’s take a look at the financial aid available to photographer students.

Types of Financial Aid

The two most common types of financial aid for students are grants and scholarships. Both of these forms of financial aid don’t have to be repaid when you graduate, so they’re much better options than student loans. Grants are typically given to students based on financial need, while scholarships are given to students based on merit. If you’re a master’s degree or doctorate student, you can also consider fellowships, which are like scholarships, but often come attached to other responsibilities, such as completely research projects to serving as a teaching assistant.If you’re already working as a photographer, you can also see if your employer offers tuition assistance programs. With this type of program, you’ll take classes for free through partnering colleges in exchange for continuing to work for your employer.

Specific Financial Aid for Photographers

There are tons of financial aid options for students direction from colleges and from educational and community organizations. The government also had options for students, such as the Federal Pell Grant. However, as a photographer student, you’ll likely be able to find the most money for college if you look for photographer-specific financial aid. The following groups and organizations offer financial aid for photography students:

  • North American Nature Photography Association
  • Aaron Siskind Foundation
  • Association for Women Journalists
  • Honickman Foundation
  • James Alan Cox Foundation
  • National Press Photographers Association
  • Getty Images
  • Alexia Foundation for World Peace
  • World Studio Foundation

Photography contests are also available from a number of organizations and publications, and you can put any prize money you win toward your college education.

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